Product planning strategy

New product introductions

New country introductions

Serialization strategy and implementation

Sales & operations process

Logistics and customer service

LinSC for your pharmaceutical supply Chain

Customer intimacy

by focusing on the real requirements of patients

Product leaderschip

by focusing on bringing the correct product in correct timing to the market

Operational excellence

by focusing on lean, effective and efficient processes in the supply chain

What we can offer

Sales & operations process

Expertise for support of customer-interaction teams. Providing your resource support and expertise.

Serialization strategy

Enabling existing pharmaceutical supply chain processes to achieve compliance fast.

New product and country introductions

Working together to understand what stage your planning process has reached, and how it fits in with your wider launch ambitions.

What customers say

I called LINSC as I needed support in building our supply chain strategy and, at the same time, needed to fill a short term resource gap as we were quickly growing in the International region. Given Linda’s deep experience in the pharma supply chain industry, she was able to quickly step in and add value. LINSC provided the right level of support – a mix of strategic thinking together with “get your hands dirty” implementation.

Andrei Jerkovich

About Linsc

LINSC is here for your Supply Chain Solutions, i’m happy to engage in a no-strings-attached conversation to see what I can do for your organization!

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